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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dirty Talk and Dirty Text Messages

When you are enjoying dirty talk, it can often be that your partner
will use a dirty word that you just don't like. For many women the
'C' word is a huge turn off and for many men the word 'scrotum' has
the same effect.

But if you never say anything to your significant other whilst they
are talking away to you and drop in a word you dislike, they'll
likely as not keep using it, ignorant of your dislike.

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Dirty Talk To Boyfriend

Trick is, saying 'No' to them in such a way as to not turn them off
the whole idea or make them feel embarrassed or stupid.

So if they say something - try one of these:-

"Oh I don't like that word, can we not use it baby? I did love it
when you said "XXXXXXX" though, can we go back to that bit again

"That word actually turns me off sweetheart, can we not use it
please? How about we swap it for XXXXXX, that would really get me

"Don't stop baby, that's really good. Can we change XXXX for XXXX
though please, I know it's silly but I've never liked that word?"

"Don't laugh but I find that word a bit of a turn off. Why not
stroke me just here and try using XXXX instead - I'll tell you if
that works. Touch me at the same time and you'll see it work!"

Remember, say it nicely, firmly and offer them some way out of
feeling wrong or told off or just stupid. After all, they aren't to
know until you tell them. Tell them nicely and make it constructive
and they will not only remember you don't like that word, they'll
apply effort to make you feel even better - and that can only be a
good thing! For more dirty talking tips, visit this useful site

Dirty Talk To Boyfriend

Writing a Great Dating Profile

Writing a great dating site profile can be an extremely time-consuming task to say the least. And if you are just starting your online dating quest after a divorce or a break-up, you probably aren’t familiar with the latest online dating profile trends. Online dating has significantly changed since its infancy back ten years ago when it was what we thought of a geeky way of meeting socially inept singles. Nowadays, online dating is no longer a subject we are ashamed of. Just like we do online banking and bill payment, we are now outsourcing the first step of dating, which is the introductory stage.

With that said, a dating profile is a critical stage in online dating process. Just like with online shopping, we are too quick to eliminate potential mismatches. Instead of “traditional”, old-fashioned way of introduction, with the initial anxiety of not knowing if the other person is attracted to you, is accepting and approachable, we can say with significantly greater assurance that persons on a dating site are the ones who are single, available and are actively looking. The question is how do you write a great dating profile to get those quality singles interested?

Days when members could not upload photos directly onto a dating site and had to send their pictures via snail mail to the online dating site offices (yes, I remember those days) have long passed as well as the days when every new member received an overwhelming number of responses to their dating profiles without even posting a photo. Now singles are more selective if who they respond to. They prefer quality over quantity. We are all busy people, and living in the fast lane we do not take the time to dig deeper if the first impression is not enough to awaken strong desire in a Starbucks meeting (a modern way of evaluating chemistry potential). That is why writing a dating profile that highlights your best qualities in a language that is fun and breezy is a key step in online dating introduction process.

I don’t discount the importance of photos on a dating site. In fact, I addressed this particular issue on my blog a while back. You can read my articles dedicated to online dating site photos on my blog, but this is not what this page is about.
Dating online since 1999, having been married twice in between, and having met literally hundreds of people on various dating site, I can say with assurance that I am an expert in online dating and writing a profile. The single men I have met over the year have all been intelligent, well-educated, articulate, successful and good-looking. I am very selective in whom I meet, and yet, I could have three dates in a day if I wanted to. Additionally, I have helped numerous male and female friends with their dating site profiles.
See, knowing men and women’s psychology, and what each gender is drawn to, I can not only write an eloquent intro for a dating site, but I also hit the nail on the head when I write to specific audience. You can read a real example of a dating profile for men which I wrote a while back for a friend of mine. He received literally hundreds of unsolicited responses from women who told him anything from “this is the best dating profile I have ever come across” to “You had me at hello”, to “I cried when I read your profile”.

At the same time, as a woman, writing a quality dating profile that gets you the kind of responses you want requires a particular skill set. My personal dating profile has been copied, re-written in many formats and brutally plagiarized by multiple single women and even men! Speaking of which, Dating site plagiarism has grown substantially in proportion with the increase of online dating popularity. However, simply copying somebody else’s profile does not make YOU sound unique. I have literally seen people copy my sample dating profiles from my blog and paste them into their new dating profiles.

But remember, YOU are unique. And you want to be one of a kind on a dating site. There is no one else in this whole world like you. And by copying another’s dating profile you discount yourself.

I’ll give you an example. I received an e-mail from a man who was not getting any responses. He asked me what was the best initial e-mail that I have ever received on a dating site. I forwarded him an e-mail that my ex-husband had sent to me when he first saw me on a dating site. What do you think this man did? He copied that e-mail and sent it to a woman he wanted to meet on a dating site. Her response was prompted by anger more so than anything else. She wrote that it was clearly a “form letter”. I was not surprised. The e-mail that my ex-husband sent to me addressed something that I wrote in MY dating profile. Clearly, it did not address a single thing in that other woman’s profile.

After that incident, I suggested re-writing that man’s dating profile and getting new and professional photos through Upon a complete makeover, he immediately got dates with three women the same week!
Now, some online dating gurus charge hundreds of dollars per a personalized dating profile and even more for additional services, such as follow up e-mails and dinner dates (just kidding about dinner dates). For instance, Evan Marc Katz, who is a dating coach based out of Los Angeles offers such services at a hmmmm….. lofty price. Granted, he is a published writer. After all, outsourcing your dating profile to Kurt Vonnegut could cost you.

Now, here is the punch line you’ve all been waiting for. For $59.95 you will receive a complete profile makeover written specifically for a dating site of your choice. I strongly recommend that you read my dating profile that I had posted during my recent cruise on a dating site a few months back. And when you get to my blog, I want you to browse around a bit to get acquainted with my writing style. Remember though, in order to provide the most fulfilling experience to my readers, I from time to time post relevant dating news or references to other dating advice sites that I find valuable to my readers, so those posts will have a link to the source. Majority of the posts are my original writing, and those are the ones I want you to scan to properly evaluate the potential of our collaboration.

As a thank you for your order you will also receive a FREE evaluation of your photos ($25 value). In case you didn’t know, I am also a model and a photographer, so you can trust my opinion. Feel free to submit up to four photos to get my professional opinion.
E-mail me and I’ll send you a questionnaire and instructions on how to order my service.